Putting Yourself Out There

When I first started shooting some 20 odd years ago there was a marketing formula for photographers which consisted of sending out 4 direct mailing pieces a year and taking out a source book ad. We didn't have to worry about email marketing, web sites, SEO, blogs, social media, etc.  These are all tools that I use but nothing beats a printed card, portfolio or book in this photographer's humble opinion.

This past year, I decided to go back to basics.  I have advertised in At Edge which puts out 5 books over the course of the year and recently I sent out my first direct mail piece in a while.  I have plans to do at least 3 direct mail pieces in 2015.  The big difference is that I still have to do a lot of the other stuff as well.

I have spoken to many of my colleagues regarding these issues and the bottom line, as summed up by my studio mate Beth Galton, seems to be that you have to put yourself out there.  I think this mainly means putting a consistent product out on as many platforms as you can afford within your budget, target your efforts and follow up.  And keep shooting, always keep shooting.

My At Edge Microview 48 ad, which comes out in June of 2015.
It is an ice cream collaboration between myself and food stylist Brian Preston-Campbell.

The winter direct mail folded card, we are sending this one out now.

Microview 47 due out in April. This shot styled by Jen Everett.

The Holiday card featuring my work for TUMI.  Styled by Molly Fitzsimons.

Microview 46, March 2015.  Styled by Jen Everett for Marriott.

Macroview 2015 due out this month.  As the name suggests, it's bigger.

Microview 45, the first one that came out in 2014.  Styled by Alexandra Niki