Let the Sunshine In

It’s that time of year and spring is almost here! Click the link and enjoy Aquarius (Let the Sunshine In) by the 5th DimensionMusic has always been a part of my creative process. I often tell my assistants that the only reason I started my own business was to control the music. In reality, it’s creative collaboration that is really music to my ears! 


I have spent the better part of two decades photographing cosmetics in one form or another, my big break in this area was working for Clarins and InStyle early in my career.  That led to much more work from the likes of SephoraL’Oreal & recently my first job for Clinique.  I love the shapes, the packaging and the colors. They didn’t tell us in art school how creative commercial photography could be.

InStyle Magazine 2008, Allyson Torrisi photo editor - Sephora Catalog 2000, TODA.net

Fun fact:  Aquarius (Let the Sunshine In) by the 5th Dimension is listed as #66 on Billboard's "Greatest Songs of All Time” -Wikipedia.