Iowa -vs- Martha's Vineyard

We typically take a trip to visit the family farm in Iowa every summer as well as a trip to Martha's Vineyard in late August.  It has been incredible to watch my kids and their cousins grow up  in these two places.  Although I met my wife in NYC 18 years ago, we both have deep roots in Iowa, and the kids love it. 

This year, my daughter wanted to enter some artwork in the Martha's Vineyard Ag Fair, something we go to every year on our vacation to the island.  I am overjoyed to report that she won first place in "still-life" for her age group while I got 2nd place in the professional category.  She is thrilled of course and loves to say she beat me at my own game.  

I personally feel I could retire now, I have never been happier for a 2nd place finish.

Edie with her photo and blue ribbon on Martha's Vineyard.
I entered one of my cow photos from the farm.
My 2nd place ribbon.  
June "driving" a John Deere tractor with my Uncle Jim.
The kids jumping off the dock in Martha's Vineyard.
The cousins watch the cows.
Oblatory sunset photo from MV.

Me being the last one told that the family photo was not to be shot at that time.