Evan Kafka's Sensor Sensibility

I was shooting at one of my favorite rental studios yesterday, Some Studio, and my good friend Evan Kafka informed me that he had started a blog called Sensor Sensibility.  When photographers make a good blog I personally find it very inspiring.

I asked Evan why the blog, why now?  And what is its ultimate function?

"I have always wished I had an outlet for my personal photos.  That was my primary reason.  A few of my colleagues kept suggesting it and there is also a low lever pressure to get with it.  As you know, I'm still not on Facebook, for example.

Also, I test a lot of equipment, pretty extensively, so I thought I might do some reviews if I have time.  It seemed a shame to collect this information and not share it.  I read a lot of reviews and get frustrated when I can't find good ones about the products I care about.

I really don't know what direction it will go in.  I have to be careful to keep it positive I guess, not too cynical.  Ultimately it's all about promotion."

One last thing, love the name, where did that come from?

"My wife Christie came up with the name.  I had thought of Sensored but that url was already registered. Then I named it Totally Sensored but Christie, who wrote headlines for a living for many years came up with Sensor Sensibility.  It was just too good to deny, maybe too good."

Kudos to Evan, and Christie too.