Testy Testy

As photographers we are told by our agents to test, test, test!  Some of us do, most of us don't, I do but not as often as I would like.  At the present moment in the photo world video is all the rage, and over the past two years it has consumed me. It is one of the only things that has kept me sane in this crappy economy.

Way back in 92 when I was a wee assistant I worked briefly with Craig Cutler as an assistant producer, I was then and still am very impressed by the prolific testing that man does, still!  A lessor person might be jealous and competitive but I find myself just shaking my head in amazement.  I have a hard enough time finding time to pay bills let alone test every week.  That's right, CC52 is a personal project Craig is currently working on to test every week for a year.  Currently he is on week 12.  Whether or not you like his work, I certainly think it is inspiring.  And although his "thinking creative" tag line on his site is very close to my Photography for Thinking, I still think he's alright.