family, a great problem to have

There is a tendency in this modern society of ours to constantly show a representation of the happy family.  We put on that best camera face and grab the kids, praying they will behave long enough to get at least one picture we can put on the holiday card and send to Grandma. I guess that is all well and good, I mean, it has it's place.  I certainly remember being cajoled into what seemed an endless family photo as a kid just like everyone else.

Yet, it is the other moments that interest me the most.  The one's where life is actually happening.  I spent the weekend at the beach like a secret service agent, keeping a watchful eye, trying to get them to eat anything besides chicken fingers and french fries, hoping they will go to bed after eating the largest ice cream cone on earth, playing referee, playing games, laughing... just being.

I am filled with the simple gratitude of having a family and all of these little concerns, and joys. I am overcome with happiness that both my girls still want to hold my hand, most of the time.  And I revel in the fact that they need me, at least for now.  And that makes a wonderful Father's Day.