Less Is Less?

photo by Hedrich Blessing.

I was not thinking about the current economic situation when I began this blog over a year ago and called it "Less Is More." A 19th century proverbial phrase, 'less is more' is often associated with the architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, a proponent of simplicity of style. I don't love Van Der Rohe as much as I love the phrase. Quite often in my production of photographs I have struggled to make the most graphic and powerful image I could. So many of us dress up a Non Idea with stylistic pizazz, myself included sometimes. But I strive to make the image clear and about the idea, often this is a fine dance between a client who wants to show everything and my ideas of what will best say what they really want to say. Usually this good problem to have, less is more.

Yesterday, with the news of the demise of InStyle Weddings, a good client in the past, it is hard not to see the irony in my blog's tittle. Perhaps Less is just less sometimes.

Below is a nifty graph to put the downfall of publishing into a Less is More graphic simplicity. This comes from The Awl via Magazine Death Pool, sort of a sick snuff film I cannot stop watching.