As a visual artist music informs what I see more than anything, always has.  At the age of 18 my beginning photography professor asked me what influenced my simple, stark style?  Bauhaus I replied. The movement he asked? No, the band I said.  Silence.  I guess like a lot of teenage boys all I wanted was to be a rock star.  I saw photography as the next best, practical thing. (laugh track goes here). 

Polly Jean Harvey has been a favorite of mine since her explosion on the scene in 1992. Very few artists keep the attention of critics and fans for this long...
The new album, "Let England Shake" is a grown up record that doesn't leave me feeling like she has compromised her ideals.  The fact that she got a record deal initially is amazing enough, but angry gurl rock was popular then.

Nice interview with NPR's Terry Gross here

This review mentions the influence of Bjork and Kate Bush, I see hints of Siouxsie and the Banshees as well.

view it here.

From Vespertine, my favorite Bjork album.  Watch it here.

And Kate Bush... I dunno.  It's a great video though!

Watch it here.