More Work Less Waste

In the ongoing debate on wether email promos work better than mailed pieces I think this illustrates things perfectly: I once had an art buyer ask me to email a copy of the promo I had sent in the mail. I managed to get this person on the phone during my follow up calls and they thought they could remember it but could I email it to them?  I also had an art buyer complain about email campaigns and then tell me to keep sending them to her.

What works best?  How are we to find work?

Then there was the time an agent suggested I take a certain yoga class in order to buddy up to an art director.  I told her stalking was creepy and that was the end of that.

There is not one thing that works anymore, we have to think multi-platform. But one thing remains the same, if you don't have engaging work, your work is going to be Junk Mail. And this video is engaging...

I am a bit late coming to this video posted by A Photo Editor, and when I look at it I get really angry.  Not because of the environment, and not because nothing works, but because I should have shot the video!  It is really cool, check out his work here.

The web site,, does have a catchy tag line: "More Work Less Waste". However, the site itself has the feel of a run of the mill stock site with ugly green type.  I mean, why would a creative want to go clicking away through this site? This is just my opinion remember, so don't get your skirt in a twirl.

It is just another thing, just another possible tool.  I can't imagine somebody would advertise on this site and then not send out promos. So, Less Waste is debatable. I liked some of the comments on,

"If you care about the environment and want to go green then stay off the plane..." & "One art director can easily generate thousands and thousands of pounds of waste per week. I wouldn’t worry about your super targeted oversized postcard".

There is just no way to get work than to go get it yourself.  And you will not be motivated to go get it yourself unless you feel good about your work.  So get back to work and keep shooting.  If the gods don't reward you for your troubles and you have to be a janitor to survive, then be a happy janitor who loves photography goddammit.