Music Friday on Less Is More brings you the Red Hot Chili Peppers circa 1991 + Gay Marriage, my family says Hell Yes!

Me and the girls often have "dance parties" in the morning getting ready for school/camp.  They still don't realize that the music choice channel I always tune in to is Classic Alternative, I rue the day I have to listen to Justin Beaver or some such nastiness.  When the Red Hot Chili Pepper's song Give It Away came on they started dancing like crazed lunatics... a wonderful site.  We looked up the video on YouTube and they love love loved it even more, digging the funny body movements and gestures. The one exception was the close-up of the lead singer's black lipstick.  "Grooooooosssss!"  "Ewwwwww!" Then straight back to the groovy dancing. 

God Damn those kids! They have both made me grow up and stay young, I love them so.  After the song ended and the Clash, the Thompson Twins and Love & Rockets continued to swing and twirl my girls, shoes were put on and backpacks lifted.  At some point in all of this Edie turned to me and said, "it sure is nice that two mommies and daddies can love each other in Argentina."  omg. Live your live with honesty and truth because the kids are OK and they are Listening! 

Below is my favorite part of the song that elicited such wild dancing in my home this morning, enjoy the weekend.

"Greedy little people in a sea of distress

Keep your more to receive your less

Unimpressed by material excess

Love is free love me say hell yes"

"Give it Away" from the 1991 record Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Watch the video on YouTube HERE.