R.I.P. Jim Marshall - the original Rock n Roller

Got to my office early this morning to continue the focus I am enjoying this week only to hear of the passing of Jim Marshall, the original rock n roll photographer.  I took a lot of band shots both on and off the stage early in my career.  It is not an easy thing to do. Talk about egos. If you think fashion is a pain in the butt... ah well, this is not about me today...
Rest in Peace, as they say.

Mr. Marshall was as well known for the extraordinary images that he captured as the extraordinary access that he had to some of the most famous names in music. He was a favored photographer of Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin, and he was the only photographer allowed backstage at the Beatles’ last concert, in San Francisco in 1966. He was also the chief photographer at Woodstock.

Hanging out with Mr Hetherington of 
Jackanory, Andrew recorded a recent talk by 
Jim at the Nutopia Forum.  See it Here.