med•i•cine cab•i•net

Noun. A box containing medicines and first-aid items. 

It seems that I get an assignment about once a year to photograph some sort of variation on the medicine cabinet.

Recently I was asked to copy one of my own shots, with different stuff of course.

A whole salmon in a medicine cabinet was a pretty new one for me.

This was one of my favorites for Discover.  The private collector that owned all these old, original bottles was exactly like you would expect him to be.  I will leave it at that.

Oprah.  This was one of the best produced cabinets of the bunch.  A lot of people spent a considerable amount of time on this one.

Prevention Magazine.  What do you do when the Pommegranate is not in season? Can you tell it was added? I think we did a pretty good job on that one. saw the Prevention picture and Violla!