How to add Value? Don't be a Jerk.

I love a good saying, a short, clever expression that usually contains advice or expresses some obvious truth. And in this day and age of short attention spans, if you can't fit it on a bumper sticker... I saw a good one this morning on the site of NYC advertising agency Wasabi Rabbit. "Our policy on assholes, we don't hire them." Makes sense to me.

Another saying you hear a lot is regarding value, " Price, Quality, Service... pick any Two."  Think about Costco vs Whole Foods.  It is safe to say you will physically get more for your money at Costco but you will not experience great customer service.  Low prices are great of course, but according to Gallop it is good customer service that creates value and loyalty.  

Price, Quality, Service.  Cheap, Good, Fast.

Increasingly businesses are being told they have to deliver all three and it has become a giant race to the bottom. I find the best way to not work with assholes is to pay people what they are worth. Sure, jerks will be jerks and you don't have to hire them.  But service and quality make value that is worth paying for.