Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

"Oranges" © Klaus Pichler
Last week I mentioned that it was worth looking at New Zealander Mickey Smith's work, this week I am inspired by Austrian self taught photographer,  Klaus Pichler.  He has many interesting projects but his "One Third" series about food waste speaks to my visual and intellectual interests in particular.  "According to a U.N. study one third of the world's food goes to waste..."

Below is an image from Mickey Smith's latest series "Denudation", I had posted about her only of my FaceBook page for some reason.  Mickey exploded onto the art world scene a while back with her series called "Volumes".  It takes it's name from bound volumes of magazine's and journals in libraries. I have photographed books for years and also had the pleasure (not), to work in the University of Iowa's medical library in college reshelving volumes of bound periodicals.  

"Untitled (Ladder)" © Mickey Smith

The title of this blog post comes from the debut album from the Dead Kennedy's in 1980.  It is a certified Gold record, which is an irony of sorts, and a musical influence as I entered High School in Iowa.  The photo on the cover is taken from the 1979 riots that erupted after a light sentence given to the murderer of Harvey Milk.  As one that later lived in LA during the Rodney King Riots, I feel somehow I can relate to that time.