It's Contest season! Are they good and necessary or just revenue builders? The answer is Yes.

I have always thought that entering contests was very important, a relatively cheap and easy way to get your work in front of people who hire photographers.  But it can get expensive FAST, just look at the first awards Due for the ADC, $100 for a single image.  ouch.  My contest budget has typically been $600/year and in the past couple years I have tried to rain that in.  Sorry ADC, it's not me, it's you.  They certainly have the best design and Ads for their contests but even as a professional I think it is too much.

Extended Deadline = January 20th
Single image = $100
Series = $150
Interactive = $250/300

Deadline = January 25th
Single images = $45
Series = $55
Video = yes

Deadline = January 27th
Single image = $35
Series = $95
Video upload as 10 still images = $95

Deadline = March 16th
Single image = $35
Series = $70
Video = 80/160

Early Bird Deadline = April 30th
Single image = $35
Series = $60
Each additional category = $25

Deadline = May 2012
Details not yet available

Deadline in March/May?