I love my job. I hate blogger.

I made this exact post yesterday and last night it vanished, blogger claims it doesn't exist.  This happened to the post I did yesterday on my other blog about my family.  What up Blogger?  Anyway, here is... again.  This is my 353rd, or 354th, post.  Perhaps it is time to migrate on over to Tumblr or WordPress.

While on set a couple weeks ago shooting food for a regular client, I received a call from ESPN.  Can you drive upstate and photograph a Bow & Arrow for our Danger issue... and can you do it yesterday?  Of course we can!  After taking the child seats out of my van and putting the studio in, Alex and I drove to the home of a three time Olympic medal winner.  Before last week I knew exactly zip about the Hoyt Contender Elite Compound Bow.  And while I am no fan of hunting, I grew up in a city and am used to my food being processed, I have new found respect for sportsmen, hunters and the technical beauty of these contraptions.  My photo above appears in the issue seen below:

Holy Cr@p, remember this?

 We rigged, lit and shot two different Bows in the living room of a wonderful A-frame house.  I am still not sure how I would have shot these the way I wanted to without that living room.  

My audience for the shoot included a Bison and friends.