Identify and don't compare... yeah, right.

When I feel uninspired I look to other photographers and artists for inspiration.  The idea is to identify with the work and not to compare my career with that of others.  Galleries are mostly problematic as trends in contemporary photography are often elusive to me.  Museums are great but sometimes hard to get to, especially when you really need to go to the grocery store and pick up the kids from school.  Of course this leaves the web with its multitude of sites, blogs, and magazines.

Over time I have compiled a list of artists that I look to often for inspirational solace.  Today, please consider one of my favorites, Timothy Archibald.  All photos in this post are © Timothy Archibald.

His very limited edition book Echolilia is nearly sold out, let's see if we can help that along!
He also maintains a very good blog where it talks about a show he is in that opens tonight called Taking Liberties, a must see if you are lucky enough to be in San Francisco.

Check him out today on NY Times blog!