The Vanderbilt Republic: Art From the Heart, an Open Call to Artists

What is the Vanderbilt Republic you ask?  See below and please, watch the video.  It is lovely.  
Brian's blog post about Art From the Heart

THE VANDERBILT REPUBLIC is a creative agency that specializes in the conception and execution of effective, monumental ideas. We expand the horizons of thoughtful, creative expression; we utilize technology as it emerges to present the world matters of importance. 

CAMBODIAN LIVING ARTS (CLA) is our current partner organization. CLA has the vision “that by the year 2020, Cambodia will experience a cultural renaissance so dynamic that the arts have become the country’s international signature”. To guarantee this, we staged a 6-week, large-format, film-based shoot in Cambodia, applying professional-grade creative concepts and solutions to the formulation of a new Cambodian iconography. Our plan is to make CLA’s vision a concrete reality, and sooner than 2020, by redefining the power, and place, of the photograph.