Print Promo vs Email Blast

Are email promos a necessary evil or are they done?
Should we waste our money on printed pieces and sourcebook ads?

Subjects of much debate these days and as a photographer sitting in my cave I may be a bit out of the loop.  However, it seems to me that photography buyers are OVER the email thing.  If Adbase is any indication, when you look at the contacts for any given agency or magazine:

I have done my own very unscientific survey and the results are murky, yet very clear.  That is to say, and I paraphrase many into one generalized statement here, "If I like your work I want to see your emails, if I don't I hate them".  So, good luck deciding wether people like you or not.  

I have gone from a monthly email blast to a quarterly email update timed to coincide with the very limited print promos I am sending out...250 pieces to be exact.  

If you would like or dislike being one of 250 to receive this mailing, don't hesitate to send me an email.

My "limited printed piece goes out next week or so and it coincides with the Adbase/Found Folios sourcebook ad which hits agencies/magazines about the same time.

And in conclusion, it is the opinion of this photographer that we have to do everything.  Just like how the web never completely put out of commission your printed portfolio... (perhaps the iPad will?) We need to do a little bit of everything and as a small business with limited resources that can be a challenge.  It can also be a fun problem to solve.

Over the next few weeks I hope to highlight other photographers and their promotional campaigns, so if you know of any good ones send me an email.