Found Series 3 Source Book Released & Computer Generated Imagery (Nothing about Photography is real, Ansel Adams would have loved computers.)

My latest ad in a source book arrived in the mail today, a spread in Found Series 3. is now part of Adbase and perhaps their marketing of the book will be a bit more solid this time around.  One thing is for sure, it is a good 1/3 thinner than series 2.  I guess this is not surprising given the economy.  I didn't get a copy of the latest LeBook but almost everyone I know stopped advertising there last year, it was just too expensive.   

My page is last in the book, which is both good and weird.  Weird because it reminds me of school, growing up I was always the last one called.  

I am in the food/beverage section this time even though I consider my work to be conceptual still-life.  But the only other category for that is CGI/Still-Life and I am certainly not that.  Don't get me wrong, I love technology and computers.  I was an early adopter paying the price of a small car for Phase One's original digital back.  I love shooting digitally but I am not a CGI guy, the fun in it for me has always been the arrangements I create on set, in camera.  I love a good idea and figuring those out.  But I just don't have a head for photoshop.  Luckily, my retoucher is amazing and when I call he always delivers.  I have used him for a decade now, check him out @ Every Pixel Counts.

I think CGI and photoshop manipulation is amazing.  It is truly and example of using technology to push photography further.  And when I hear people complain that it's not real, It makes be chuckle a bit.  Nothing about photography has ever been real.  Ansel Adams would have loved computers.  

Robert Tardio, looks like he's got a foot in both worlds,
And he still has an enormous studio, I love his work. 
He has ideas, you can tell.
Nicholas Duers creates beautiful cosmetics in this spread.