Believe You Me, Mickey Smith wants you to look at books.

Mickey Smith's Second Solo Show at Invisible-Exports
Opens October 29, 2010
info Here.

I really like Mickey Smith's work.  Maybe it's because my first part-time job in college was reshelving bound medical periodicals at the University of Iowa's Medical Library, much like those in the photo Blood below.  And yes, it Was as fun as it sounds.   

Perhaps I like her work so much because it reminds me so much of the type of conceptual work I have always loved.  The simplicity, the appropriation and the multi-media of her new series.  In short, the ideas.

The idea that people trust books but they don't read fits nicely into our modern world of anti-intellectualism.  Just look at the upcoming elections, a nice opinion piece in the New York Times talks about how all but one republican running in the midterms denies the scientific consensus regarding Global Warming.  I imagine there are a few books about that.

Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Unknowns, © Mickey Smith, 2010
Librarian, © Mickey Smith, 2010
100th Congress First Session, 103rd Congress Second Session, © Mickey Smith, 2010
Blood, © Mickey Smith, 2006