It's time to KLOMPCHING

Good God Damn, I love this gallery.  I wish I had discovered it before I moved from Brooklyn to Jersey...  But better later than never.  I first heard of the the co-owners, Darren Ching and Debra Komp Ching a little over a year ago when my wife, the artist Elizabeth Fleming, had both of them as reviewers at Review Santa Fe 2009.  For those of you not in the fine art world, review Santa Fe is a hugely respected and coveted portfolio review.  It is an honor just to be chosen to spend your money there.

Anyway... if you are still reading this... Elizabeth was in a group show curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel at Randall Scott Gallery, now Randall Scott Projects, which happened to be down the hall.  I really like Randall Scott as well but he is relocating to DC.

Now I will shut the hell up, Less Is More.  Go to the show at KlompChing before it comes down Sept 3!