i still life

My web site company, LiveBooks, FINALLY has an iphone compatible site!
That is to say, when you go to my web site on an iphone you no longer get a little cube with a question mark...

(As many of you may know, Apple does not support flash sites on the iphone, itouch, or ipad.  This has been a problem for a lot of people like myself whose web site is written in the flash code developed by Adobe. Well, with No thanks to Steve Jobs whose fight with Adobe is dragging on, LiveBooks has come up with a solution.  They are quite late to the game, many other companies had a work around for this a long time ago. Companies like aphotofolio.com have had solutions for a while now.  I wonder if LiveBooks knows how many customers they almost lost, they probably do.  I myself was on aphotofolio.com just last week doing research on where to go.  At least now I have a choice.)