Look Ma, no retouching!

Out now in Prevention magazine, (the story is about sodium levels in cereal). 

We all know that retouching is a given these days, and that is fine, I retouch everything too. It is expected.  I will say however that retouching is overdone, and people rely on retouching to save their images instead of making them good before they get to the computer.  I may be an old fart who came of age during the days of 8x10 and 4x5 film, but I still find it a challenge to get it right, or mostly right, before i click the shutter.  My retoucher loves me.  Of Course,
you cannot control what happens after you hand the images to your client... such is the nature of digital.

More raw images from the same shoot:

Shout out to my stylist Philip Shubin.