Feature Shoot

A very nice and unexpected surprise came to me recently via email with a note that I was being highlighted on Feature Shoot's web site. They used work taken from my small, but growing collection at OFF SET images. OFF SET is a premium collection from Shutterstock and although I don't have that many images up on their site as of yet, I do like their aesthetic and design.

Is it here where we talk about the death of photography and the falling rates, in part because of royalty free stock sites, the internet and the over saturation of imagery?  No! Today we just enjoy a little press, this is one of those moments where it feels really good to be a photographer.

I also have been with Getty Images since they bought Photonica in the 90s and although I don't make as much as I used to, it still provides me with a guilty sense that I need to submit more images.

I absolutely have to add a shout out to one of my favorite prop stylists, Amy Chin, who is always booked on some job in an exotic far away location, making beautiful things happen.  She did much of the styling on the cosmetic shots but not all, I did some myself.  I am a pretty good on set stylist but only pretty good.

The Feature Shoot article talks about how I am based in Iowa, and as much as I Love Iowa, I left in 1990 to attempt a Master's at Cal Arts outside of Los Angles.  I have now been in the NYC area for 22 years. Time really does fly as they say.

Feature Shoot July 18, 2014

James Worrell OFF SET

James Worrell OFF SET

Getty Images