Bottled Water Redux

Vimeo has once again tagged my first stop motion video, Bottled Water, with "Staff Pick".  I am honored, excited and a little annoyed that the first one I made back in 2009 is still the one that has garnered the most attention.  But I will take what I can get of course.  It was actually Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish Blog that really put it out there where it went viral for a few days. That's right, it lasted about 3-5 days with the bulk of loads/views happening on day 2.  

Bottled Water by James Worrell.  Music by Einst├╝rzende Neubauten... and yes, I asked their permission.

Since that Day back in September of 2009, the video has seen some moderate attention with blogs and festivals, appearing for example in Slideluck Potshow in 2 countries.  For a still life photographer, that was cool indeed.  36,500 views might not seem that viral in the days of Psy's Gangam Style which is nearing 2 Billion views. What the What?  (One of my personal favorite viral videos was OKGO's Here It Goes Again on treadmills.)  But for my videos which hover in the hundreds and sometimes thousands, my Day in the Life video on Gizmodo and Cool Hunting is only at 1700, it was really fun. I guess that goes to the popularity of Andrew Sullivan.

My wee video's first brush with viral-ness on the Daily Dish