Adam Ant, Michael Bolton & Antonio Banderas - This has nothing to do with photography.

I had a procedure yesterday which required putting me under for a short while, when I woke up and was leaving the doctors office they said No Driving and No business decisions.  All I can so is No Kidding!  

I got home and saw on FaceBook that Adam Ant is no longer in a mental institution and is in fact touring for the first time in over 15 years.  I saw him perform in Omaha, Nebraska when I was 15 and it was awesome.  Two distinct memories: 1) somebody lighting someone's hair on fire...(actually, I know who it was but the names shall remain anonymous to protect the innocent...or not so innocent).  2) Adam helping me out of the crush of the crowd and standing beside me when the concert got out of hand and was stopped by the police.  He really is only 5 feet tall.  

ANYWAY, stay with me here, I looked up some old videos and saw the insanely stupid, yet somehow appealing version of Puss n Boots he did during his Strip/Phil Collins stage, and I watched it over and over again, laughing.  It made me think of the new movie Puss In Boots which I took my kids to see last weekend, really quite good actually.  My kids have been walking sound bites for days now and for a change I don't find it annoying.  But it got me thinking, what's with all the pirate stuff?  This of course prompted me to watch the SNL Michael Bolton/Jack Sparrow video about 10 times. So good.

I then watched various odd clips on Vimeo until I passed out from exhaustion... moral of this story?  Keep those drugs away from me!

And, have a Happy Thanks Giving!

Michael Bolton as Jack Sparrow kissing a feathered friend.

"It's bound to end in tears" Adam Ant - Puss n Boots

"That's Good Leche"

"He's the kind of guy that will take you home and F*&! you twice."