This is your brain on Drugs...

A recent tear sheet made me ponder some of my favorite shoots involving Drugs + Alcohol...

For Mother Jones, a story about Sativa, a prescription spray.
Rolling Stone... seems fitting.  Although these were legal drugs.
Above and below, images made for PROTO.  The journal for Mass General Hospital.

Child Magazine
And then there are the booze shots... you can't really be a still life photographer and not shoot alcohol.

One of a series of Ads I shot of Bacardi 8.  And no, the smoke is not real... totally faked in PhotoShop.
I have worked with Wine Spectator and Cigar Aficionado since the early 90s

For Good Housekeeping believe it or not, story about how 15 shots killed a teenager.  Never got a tear sheet...

From one of my stop motion videos called "Cheers". It's about binge drinking and it's nice and short,

WTF?  Great name for a Vodka in my opinion.

For American Express and Ogilvy
Drinkers earn more than non-drinkers... or so the article claimed.

Psychology Today

How can you save money?  Stop drinking.  For AARP.