The Original Promo, circa 1995

Promo #1, circa 95ish.

Promo circa 97, my first promo to advertise my web site.

Andrew Hetherington, what's the jackanory man, is doing a self promo week on his blog and started with his very first promo. I love old promos and have kept examples of all of mine, much to my wife's chagrin, over the past 15 years. Above top is my very first, before I even had a studio. The image comes from one of my very first jobs, a fashion report for Esquire Magazine... in black and white none the less! Times they have a changed. I looked and I didn't have a URL on any promo until 1997. Which in itself is quite early in the whole web thing. I happened to know these guys at Razorfish... my first site was spectacular, flash, bouncing graphics. almost nobody could look at it with their tiny computers but damn it was nice. The second promo above is my first with a URL, the image is from a Best Bets shoot for NY Magazine. They were one of my earliest and longest running clients over the past decade and a half.