Washington Post Magazine Feb 3, 2013

I got a call around 3:30 on a recent Wednesday, we produced and shot this image in less than 24 hours.  I love it when things work! An extra big thank you to my stylist Ed Gallagher, a fellow Big Leo artist.  Without his quick work this would have never happened.  And thanks to my agent Mary Dail who acted as producer on this one, to Miech who magages Tribeca Skyline Studios, and to Alex, my assistant and retoucher on this job. And last but not at all least, my long time client who is now a senior photo editor at the Washington Post Magazine, Bronwen Latimer.

The finished product, closed the day after the shoot and in my hands just over one week later.
The completed set, achieved with 3 lights with grids, 3 packs, 3 c-stands, 4 Mathews auto poles, 1 Mathews boom and 2 foam core books. I shot this one with my Phase One back on my Fuji GX680 III using a 150mm lens and a Bogen tripod with a Gitzo tilt pan head.  The frame size on the wall was altered in post, but other than that it was all in camera.

Alex works on making the floor even and natural looking.
Ed hanging one of the three frames we shot.

My Instagram shot from the studio window overlooking the Hudson River.