Who Needs a Printed Calendar Any More?

'Better late than never' goes the old adage, and I couldn't agree more.  Magcloud first approached me in October or November to do a calendar and I dragged my feet thinking, who uses calendars anymore?  And it's true, few people buy a calendar, hang it on their wall and keep track of appointments that way.  

The new printed calendars are curated displays on our walls that we change every month.  My sister-in-law gives a calendar every Christmas to the extended family of all the cousins and trips, etc.  And maybe Dilbert and Garfield are still doing well with their daily attempts to brighten our days at our desks.  For my part as a consumer I bought a calendar as a gift for my young daughters showing hundreds of cute animals.  So clearly, the printed calendar is still kicking.

Here is my contribution to the genre, a wee bit late but no less exciting for me. If you are not convinced, or you are just too cheap to spend less than 10 bucks on a calendar - you can get a digital version for only $2.  Go HERE and decide.

Available on my MagCloud page.




"an Awww a day" - Amazon.com

You can buy this one on your Kindle if you are so inclined.  Amazon.com

The Mutter Museum calendar seems promising!  Mentalfloss.com