Today I feel Ponderous

May 11, 1992 Volume 130, No. 19

On April 29, 1992 I was on a film set in LA working on a VCR PLUS commercial. That sentence says a lot.  I can't quite recall if that was the day we were hanging a guy upside down in a straight jacket, he was pushing the buttons with his nose, or if it was the one below that has a fly landing on the remote to press the buttons.  I do remember being scared shitless and a little excited at being a witness to history.  And as I tried to drive home to Hollywood, watching people loot as buildings burned, I knew I did not want to work in film or live in LA.  I sold my car and moved to NYC shortly after that, sending all my belongings via UPS.

What does this have to do with a photographer's blog? It was an event that shaped my life, my career and my family.  It is an event that jump started my move to NYC.  And as I sit here pondering my life over the past 20 years, I hope that our country has learned something about tolerance and acceptance. I know being there certainly opened this Iowa boy's eyes. 

I may think at times that being a still life photographer contributes nothing to society.  But I do my job and I do it the best that I can.  I show up every day and I try to make my little part of the world a better place to live for my kids.  I love the fact that they really don't see color as a dividing line at all.  They are still too young to feel divided by race, class or sexual orientation.  Can we all get along?

And they have NO IDEA what a VCR is.

VCR Plus commercial directed by photographer Michael Ruppert, 1992.