Don't Be Evil - The Ethics of Pinterest

Some of my "Boards" on Pinterest
The new Twitter is Pinterest, or is it the new Napster?  Is it a violation of © to pin others work, even if you credit them and provide a link? There are arguments pro and con flying all about the blogosphere these days... NPR, A Photo Editor, newspapers, etc, etc.  A great article discussing all this is the post, check it out.

In the opinion of this humble photographer, the obvious answer is yes, it is a clear violation of copyright law.  But I joined recently and I love it! It is a great visual way to aggregate information.  And now that Pinterest has changed it's tune about self promotion - at first Ben said it was uncool, now he says that is really all we should do, pin our own work.  See this Wall St Journal article.

Is it any different than what bloggers have been doing?  I personally am quite happy when someone on Pinterest 'pins' one of my images, as long as they are not some company using one of my images to make money gobs of money.  In which case they need to give some of that money to me.

I am not suggesting we steal other people's work and ideas, I am saying use Pinterest as a tool to organize, think and be creative... and in the words of Google's credo, "Do No Evil".

I am interested to hear other's thoughts on this issue and will start a new board on Pinterest to follow the story.

On a side note:  If you are in line at Starbucks, please, for the love of all things holy, take a break from pinning.