My 400th Blog Post -or- Sh#t, Am I really out of spray mount?

I have had this trusty can of spray mount for so long that the B&H sticker is faded out and the can is getting rusty.  Somehow this feels like a poignant moment.  I used to go through a lot of spray mount back when I used actual portfolios and showed actual tear sheets.  That is, pages from magazines cut out and mounted on black paper for the portfolio. 

Nowadays, with my 12 portfolios gathering dust on the shelf I only use spray mount occasionally when I scan tear sheets for my website or iPad.  I mount them on black paper to keep them flat and opaque.  And I only do this when I cannot get a PDF from the Art Director, PDFs look so much better.

My 400th post was going to be a regular photographer's post showing newly published work...
tomorrow will have to do.  

Happy 400!  

It seems like there has been a lot of hubbub  about the death of the blog lately, but I love it. 
See you at 500.

BTW, my first blog post was on October 1, 2008: seems-like-everyone-has-photo-blog