Whisky Advocate for the Holidays

I shot this with Art Director John Thompson in a New Jersey warehouse. I got to see my entire studio on a pallet lifted and carted around by forklift... not something you see every day. I hadn't counted on the temperature being so cool but that makes sense of course.  Also, not too many restaurants in the warehouse districts... next time we will brown bag it!  A special thank you to the photo editor, Sarina Finkelstein.

I wasn't aware Whisky needed and advocate, ha ha.  A "new" magazine by the publisher of Cigar Aficionado and Wine Spectator, Whisky Advocate was a publication in a different form called Malt Advocate. When M Shanken purchased the publication they rightly changed the name. One big consideration... Whiskey or Whisky? There must have been a few meetings about that one. 

Whisky (Scottish English and British English) or whiskey (Irish English and American English)