11/9/01 - 01/15/11

© James Worrell, 2009.

Born two days before 9/11 she left us two days before MLK day.  

Being a dachshund, Frida had a proclivity for back problems.  Almost two years ago she survived surgery and made an almost complete recovery.  In the time since that surgery she aged quite a bit becoming gray on her nose, slowing down, and developing a heart condition.  And although I knew she probably wouldn't live too many years longer I was completely shocked at how suddenly she left us.  Last Tuesday she slipped another disk and couldn't move her back legs.  She was in so much pain and we could not in good conscious put her through another operation at her age.  She died in our arms, happy to see us, her people.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  

Frida was one of my longest companions and she went to work with me every day, often sitting on power cords and power packs.  She of course loved the food shoots the most circling the feet of food stylists like a shark, a friendly shark.  She barked too much and was often very annoyingly stubborn.  But she was also an outdoor dog who loved hiking and hanging out in the yard with the kids.