"We feel this image would be better suited to the Royalty Free license model."

Dear Getty,
I understand that the RF model works better for you.
Well Getty, it never made me any money.  Even when I 
listened to your promises about how it was the next big
thing.  I continued to make almost 95% of my stock income from
my Rights Managed images until you lowered all your prices.
Somehow with your "exclusive" agreements made with
big publishing companies you give access to my RM
images at RF prices. The only thing different now is
that you get 80% of my RF images instead of 60%.
This is unsustainable for me but I guess
it was good while it lasted.  In the end
you will get what you pay for, Getty.
Your Long Lost Love,

RM image $15 sale in USA = $6.00 for me.