Tooting One's Own Horn

I am pleased to remind you of my lecture at B&H this Sunday from 1-3 at their Event Space. Having been asked to speak about my work, I have been awash in thoughts about promotion vs attraction.  Having always been a somewhat prolific promoter of my work I would have to say that a good portion of my clients have actually come from attraction.  That is to say, word of mouth is much more powerful than advertising.  And given the fact that the supply of photographers right now greatly outweighs the demand of the market, I guess that is a good thing.  

One thing I am not so comfortable with is speaking about myself in front of people. Glossophobia, is that a great word or what, is the fear of public speaking.  I wouldn't go so far as to say I am a Glossophobe but the thought of standing up there does give me pause... not to mention produce great quantities of procrastination (just another way for one to deal with anxiety) while I prepare for my talk.

So what are you? A procrastinator? Glossophobe? Egomaniac? (Egotism is the motivation to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself) Do you have a tenuous relationship with all three?  I would love to hear how others deal with public speaking and self-promotion in general.  Comments Please!