Music Friday - Power, Corruption & Lies.

The cover of New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies features a reproduction of the painting "A Basket of Roses" by French artist Henri Fantin-Latour 

As I procrastinate this afternoon, I decided to see what song in my iTunes library has been played the most.  The winner is "Your Silent Face", by New Order.  It comes from their 2nd LP in 1983 called, "Power, Corruption and Lies."  I was 15 and trying to figure out my place in the world, Ronald Reagan was ruining the country; life seemed both completely fucked and absolutely amazing.  To this day, the first few LPs put out by New Order after the death of Joy Division are some of my favorite recordings.

The last line in the song seems to me to be an appropriate metaphor for the power, corruption and lies that we see being spewed by BP. Their CEO, Tony Hayward, has downplayed the oil spill from day one and has treated the public like a bunch of annoying children.

"You've caught me at a bad time

So why don't you piss off"

BP CEO Tony Hayward Predicts "Very Modest" impact from oil spill in the gulf.

Here is the rest of the top 10 from my iTunes library.  I take a certain pride in the fact that my local NPR station made the cut!