Found Folios Source Book & Web Launch

I am pleased to announce the release of Found Folios Series Two Source Book.  Found Folios is a fairly new source book and web site which is only about a year old and this week is releasing it's second book, it is associated with

Depending on who you ask in the commercial photo world, I am either a nut job for throwing money away or a forward thinking marketer.  Truth is, I used to think of myself as a forward thinking marketer but lately I have no idea where the business is headed.  What I do know is that despite the drop in revenue from all sides of my pie, I feel useless if I am not doing something to promote myself.  I have been busier than ever making new work, videos and retooling for the "new" economy.  

Speaking of the new economy...there was an interesting post on EP's members only forum yesterday, I won't post the entry here except to say it was about NYU photo professor Fred Ritchen's book, "After Photography".  Does the photographer still matter in the new economy with post production being the place a lot of work is going?  When anyone can be a photographer? I think so but the book is worth checking out, I have ordered my copy.