Music Friday - the HipstOnes

I am not a R&B kinda guy, it has to be said. But the other day I happened to see a live performance of a hip Aussie band called the Hipstones playing in Union Square Park.  A terrific live performance that made me want to shake my groove thang.  They are now based in NYC and are playing again soon at Joe's Pub on August 4th, 7:00 sharp it says on their site.  Which is good for me.  Anyway, check it out if you like that sort of thing.  They were good, even with a bunch of New Yorkers sitting there looking too cool, wishing they could dance.  If you're lucky,  perhaps they will do their funky version of Benny and the Jets.

Joe's Pub

An All Australian Night of Music 7PM Sharp

425 Lafayette St
New York New York 10001
US (212) 539-8770 [map]
Price: $14

too cool for school

playing their hearts out in 90+ heat and humidity

He said it was called 'Flagging'

A couple brave dancers