Blogs I have been following lately

With a big nod to

He mentioned me last week and I got a huge bump in traffic.

So which blogs make me sad when there is no update in the

morning as I check my blogroll? Aside from A Photo Editor,

here are 10 I look at every day, in no particular order.

I Like To Tell Stories

Jonathan Saunders likes to take pictures, a lot of them. Like many photographers,

it is his life. An all consuming full time job that never ends. Wonderful.

What's The Jackanory

Not just another bald man with a beard, Andrew posts information and

excerpts about what's going on in his world and the photo world.

A new york copywriter, his bio starts with, "I hate capri

pants". It is a raunchy, rude, funny and smart look at advertising.

Kevin J Miyasaki

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said: "God is in the details." Kevin sees the details.

He is a photographer that successfully navigates both commercial and fine art.

Horses Think

Ofer is a commercial & fine art photographer. his blog is a

smart take on photography, art, music and film.

I Heart Photograph

I went to art school and even I don't understand half of the art out there,

but i love this site. And face it, you wish you had thought of that name.


Photographer Robert Wright not only has a clever name for his blog, but I

find his musings to be very thoughtful, insightful and well written.

Magazine Death Pool.

If we cannot laugh at ourselves then what good are we?

This blog is a bittersweet car crash.

Heather Morton Art Buyer

Great information and insights, I don't always spend the time needed to

read everything she writes, but if you have time it is worth it.


Last but not least, my wife's blog is about a mother/photographer searching for balance.

I realize I am biased but she is one talented momma who not only takes amazingly

beautiful photographs, but she is an intellectually eloquent writer to boot.